Thursday, March 17, 2011

BP Rosneft share Swap in problem – Rosneft may look for new Asian partners to develop the Arctic project

Share swap between BP and state-controlled Rosneft under which they agreed to jointly explore for offshore oil and gas in the areas of the Arctic is in problem after TNK BP won an injunction in a London court that froze the deal and is now seeking to be part of it. 
Rosneft and the Russian government have made clear such move was not welcome. On 2 March the TNK-BP management had proposed buying a $7.6 billion stake in BP and joining the offshore partnership with Rosneft. The deal with Rosneft gives BP more clout in Russia and effectively sidelines TNK BP.

Two months after Rosneft-BP strategic alliance announcement, Rosneft  is considering new partners

After 2 months of BP Rosneft deal, Rosneft is considering partnering with Chinese and Indian energy companies to work on Arctic projects.

Arctic Project Overview

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