Monday, July 25, 2011

67 Unconventional Assets for Sale as of July 2011

There are many unconventional packages put up for sale, with most in the US or Canada. Given the flurry of unconventional deal activity recently, it wouldn’t be surprising if unconventional deal volumes and values reach record highs this year.

Jack Williams, president of the Irving, Texas-based ExxonMobil's XTO unit, which was acquired by ExxonMobil in June 2010, says that Exxon is looking to expand its shale gas holdings in more than a dozen gas-rich shale-rock formations worldwide. Exxon is also getting active internationally, starting hydraulic fracturing on formations in Poland this year and last week agreeing with China Petrochemical Corp. to jointly assess the resource’s potential in China. Although gas prices have been relatively low, Exxon is reportedly pleased with the returns they’re seeing with production from their unconventional assets, and particularly XTO’s assets.

This announcement by Exxon comes on the back of a series of multi-billion dollar deals involving unconventional (shale) transactions. Last week, BHP Billiton agreed to acquire Petrohawk Energy for $12.1 billion to expand its shale gas holdings in the US. Since June 1, companies including Exxon, Marathon Oil Corp. and Malaysia’s Petroliam Nasional Bhd have announced at least $7 billion worth of North American shale-gas deals.

The following table shows unconventional opportunities for sale recorded in Derrick’s “Deals in Play’ database, part of Derrick’s ‘E&P transactions’ database

Table 1: Unconventional opportunities available in US and Canada as of July 2011. Click on squares to get to the detailed deal sheet. Source: Derrick Petroleum Services. *HRB = Horn River Basin.
There are currently 67 unconventional oil and gas packages for sale in the market. The majority of these packages are located in the USA (46) and most of them are either for unconventional oil (21) or unconventional gas (21). A large number of packages are for investments in undeveloped discoveries (30) and for investments in fields under development (20). Eagle Ford Shale has the most number of opportunities at 12 followed by the Marcellus Shale at 7. Most packages are related to selling undeveloped acreage (36), followed by Joint Venture related opportunities (17)



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