Monday, January 31, 2011

At year end 2010, Global Oil & Gas Assets on the market at record high level of $93 billion

2010 global M&A deal flow set a record high of $211bn, above the historic highs  that occurred during most of 2007-2008.  Measured by number of transactions above $100m, 2010 had 3  of the most active quarters in recent history.
Value of Global E&P transactions (USD billion)

At year end 2010 future outlook is strong, deals in play, on the market amount to $93bn. This compares with $46bn at year beginning and only $20bn mid 2009.

$93 Bn Assets on the market

We have also recently published a report for E&P Business Development and New Ventures professionals working on deals globally. This report provides information on $93 billion of global oil and gas assets on the market.
The report provides details on ~500 opportunities:
·         Assets for sale
·         Corporate M&A opportunities
·         JV opportunities
·         Exploration farm-ins
You can view a sample copy of this report at

For more information on the topic, please write to


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