Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How much more do you think BP would sell as part of post-Macondo divestments - Which Assets ????

BP’s divestments for funding post-Macondo costs was a key driver of 2010 activity, accounting for  9% of the world total activity or ~$20bn. Key deals included Pan American Energy to CNOOC; assets in 3 countries to Apache. BP is likely to have more divestments planned, may be only half way to its target.

BP has announced plans to divest certain assets in North Sea and in Louisiana. BP could also consider divesting a part of its interest in ...............................................

We have also recently published a report for E&P Business Development and New Ventures professionals working on deals globally. This report provides information on $93 billion of global oil and gas assets on the market.

The report provides details on ~500 opportunities:
·         Assets for sale
·         Corporate M&A opportunities
·         JV opportunities
·         Exploration farm-ins

You can view a sample copy of this report at http://www.derrickpetroleum.com/reports2.html


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