Thursday, April 21, 2011

Canadian assets worth $7 billion on the market, contributes 15% to global deals in play

Canadian oil sands reported $12.8bn in asset sales, corporate acquisitions and joint ventures for 2010. The Montney (BC & Alberta)  recorded $2.3bn in trades or 5x times 2009 total and twice 2008 deals less Shell-Duverney. The number of oil sands deals went up, but the average deal value decreased significantly due to the 2009 Petro-Canada Suncor $18bn merger. Bakken & Saskatchewan plays totalled $2.6bn. The Montney and Bakken unconventional plays made up ~10% of the Canadian transactional market place.

Canadian assets worth $7billion on the market in Q1 2011

$7bn of assets on the market, corporate acquisitions and development assets worth $5.46 bn in Q1 2011. 

Key assets on the market

Source: Derrick Petroleum E&P Transactions Database

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