Thursday, March 3, 2011

South America - Massive step up in activity driven by Asian NOCs as well as OECD oil companies

M&A activity in South America took a massive step up, totalled $36bn in 2010, making it the second largest region globally. Total of 75 transactions recorded (excluding new exploration awards), of which 45 deals with disclosed deal value.

Brazil was the top country with several large sized transactions totalling $16bn. Argentina was number 2 with $13bn in total transactions, of which $10bn from the Pan American Energy related transactions. Colombia was ranked third with $4.3bn in disclosed transactions from 12 deals in total.

10 transactions were recorded above $1bn, with Chinese oil and gas companies involved in five of these worth  $23bn in total.

M&A activity in South America in 2010 as share of total global activity exceeds the region’s share of resources and asset values which is in the range of 7-11%.

We have also recently published a report for E&P Business Development and New Ventures professionals working on deals globally. This report provides information on $93 billion of global oil and gas assets on the market.
The report provides details on ~500 opportunities:
·         Assets for sale
·         Corporate M&A opportunities
·         JV opportunities
·         Exploration farm-ins
You can view a sample copy of this report at

For more information on the topic, please write to

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