Monday, February 14, 2011

World total M&A activity, or portfolio recycling, average 3% per year of world’s total asset

The value of global M&A activity compared to the value of all oil & gas assets worldwide amount to around 3%. This represents an average, annual portfolio transaction level for the world’s E&P companies.

North American M&A activity have accounted for 50-60% of global activity during the last years. In 2010 North American M&A activity is at about twice the share of the region’s share of global asset values in 2010. South America in 2010 also had a higher share of M&A activity compared to the region’s share of global asset values.

Other regions, Europe, Africa and Middle East, and Asia-Pacific in particular, have lower than average portfolio trading in 2010. 

We have also recently published a report for E&P Business Development and New Ventures professionals working on deals globally. This report provides information on $93 billion of global oil and gas assets on the market.
The report provides details on ~500 opportunities:
·         Assets for sale
·         Corporate M&A opportunities
·         JV opportunities
·         Exploration farm-ins

You can view a sample copy of this report at

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