Monday, February 6, 2012

Pertamina continues to fall short of targets in 2012

Pertamina continues to produce below target in 2012 as the company is expected to produce 135 bbld but will be able to reach only 126 kbbld in February. Delays and repairs at some of its key projects including Natuna Sea, Poleng block X-Ray field contributed to the fall. Sukowati field East Java is also below its forecast of 36 kbbld at 32 kbbld. Total production for 2011 was at 123.6 kbbld short of target at 132 kbbld. On a bigger scale, Indonesia also missed its 2011 target of 945 kbbld and produced 900 kbbld for the year, whereas Total also fell short of its target of 92 kbbld by 9.8 kbbld.

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