Monday, June 6, 2011

Producing assets worth $11.3 billion up for sale. Nearly 51% of the assets are from the US and Canada.

The Deals-in-Play report from Derrick Petroleum Services is a must-have for business development professionals working on oil and gas deals. The report provides information on approximately 250+ Assets for sale, Corporate M&A opportunities, JV opportunities and Exploration farm-ins. The deals have been categorized according to the value range: $1,000-$10,000 million, $500-$1,000 million, $100-$500 million, $25-$100 million, $5-$25 million and less than $5 million.

Here is the sample of the report pertaining to only producing assets worth around $11.335 billion. The data for this report has been sourced from the Derrick E&P Transactions Database.


1. Total value of the assets- $11.335 billion
2. Value by Region:
  • United Kingdom- $3.93 billion (~$3 billion worth of assets available from ConocoPhillips’ $5-10 billion divestiture program)
  • United States - $3.06 billion
  • Canada- $2.77 billion
  • Vietnam- $1.5 billion
  • Colombia- $77 million

3. Value by Hydrocarbon:
  • Oil- $3.3358 billion
  • Gas- $3.046 billion
  • Oil+Gas- $4.931 billion

The assets from the US and Canada account for nearly 51% of the total deal value. Inspite of the high oil prices and low gas prices, the breakage between oil and gas deals is 50:50.

Top Billion Dollar Deals-in-Play

Top Deals-in-Play in the US

Top Deals-in-Play in Canada

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